Andy Allsop

Finance Director

Andy started his career as a scientist researching alternative uses for man-made fibres. Now Finance Director at HIT, he believes apprenticeships are critical to moving forward in the post Covid-19 recovery.

“We are stepping into a new era and it’s a great opportunity for individuals to earn while they learn as part of thriving professional communities,” says Andy.

“Apprenticeships are one of the best ways for businesses to nurture continual learning, help unlock skills quickly and fast-track staff into positions where they can provide real value.

“At HIT, we also have a genuine caring ethos about helping school leavers get on the employment ladder.”

Andy trained as a chartered accountant at the National Audit Office and joined the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in September 1998. He moved to William Hill in 1999 as an internal auditor where he learned the inside track on horse betting, then spent a number of years as Head of Finance for a dental company delivering NHS contracts.

He joined HIT in February 2013 as Financial Controller, seeing the company through a meteoric rise from 2013 to 2014 when turnover jumped from £18 million to £27 million in a matter of months.

“What I love about HIT is it feels very much like a family-run business – which makes Jill and John my mum and dad!” says Andy.

Andy is scared of heights. He went to the top floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago, formerly the tallest building in the world, and swore never again. He lives by the sea and is currently learning how to kite surf. He plays squash and has two dogs, Luna and Poppy.